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Principal-16th Street Campus

Johanna Mamiam has been a bilingual and dual language educator and administrator for twelve years. She has served students from birth to K5 as a teacher assistant, bilingual teacher, academic coordinator, supervisor, observer, academy director, and currently as a Principal. She joined the Mary McLeod Bethune Day Academy administrative team in September 2019 at 16th St. Campus, and she has also been appointed to work with the dual language program and Early Childhood Education. She has a masters in Education: Educational Leadership at American Public University System and a Bachelor Degree of Science in Teaching French and English as a Second Language at the University of Cauca, Colombia. She also earned an ECE credential at Miami Dade College and is a certified CLASS Observer.

As a teacher, she developed three educational projects in Colombia to develop bilingual skills in two different students’ population. Motivating Participation to Achieve Democratic Teaching and Autonomous Learning (2011), Motor Skills Development, according to the Students’ Cognitive Level (2014) and Motivating Participation to Increase Standards in Independent Reading (Literacy Pro Scholastic) (2014). Currently, she is researching the integration of a curriculum in a dual language program and best practices in its implementation.She has been recognized as an excellent educator and leader in the previous schools she has worked in.
She was also a trooper and a leader in a Scout group in Colombia for eight years. She promoted fundraising to support children and students with economic needs for Santa Clara Foundation in Colombia. She has the passion, skills, commitment, and perseverance to be a leader and make a difference in learning and teaching experiences. She is dedicated to her work and empowers her team to grow professionally and face new outcomes together. She is aware of how to be a great administrator can impact the school, the lives of others, and the results that this involved.