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Elementary School

Elementary School Program


Elementary classrooms have two highly qualified teachers in each class. Students engage in transdiciplinary instruction of the core academic classes. Each student receives additional classroom instruction that is specific and integrated into the IB transdiciplinary themes through the Art, Music, Spanish, Health and PE, and Environmental Science, taught by highly qualified teachers. Beginning in grade 5, students also receive Latin instruction. As a school using EngageNY and IB, the ultimate goal of our classroom reading and writing programs is to create independent, competent, and thoughtful readers and writers. We employ a balanced reading and writing program that is largely integrated into our PYP Units of Inquiry. Students in the elementary school engage in personalized meaningful activities in classrooms that are designed to develop their critical thinking and learning through reading, writing, speaking, listening and viewing for a variety of purposes, and in a variety of situations. Our curriculum aims at creating independent, lifelong readers through the development of students' comprehension, fluency, and stamina.