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Middle School

Middle School Program (Grades 7 and 8)


Mary McLeod Bethune Day Academy offers a challenging academic program for scholars in grades 7 and 8. Core academic classes are shared by the English/Language Arts Teacher and the Social Studies Teacher and the Science and Math teachers. Each student receives additional classroom instruction that is specific and integrated into the IB transdisciplinary themes through Art, Music, Spanish, African-American Studies, Health and PE, Environmental Science, and Latin, taught by highly qualified teachers. Students spend an uninterrupted 120 minutes each day receiving transdisciplinary instruction in those classrooms.

The Mary McLeod Bethune Day Academy PCS middle school humanities department guides students to focus on how to communicate their thoughts and stories effectively, discover and analyze how others have found ways to share their thoughts and stories, and investigate how people behave in different situations throughout history and in different places. These writing, reading, and social studies objectives are addressed together in the humanities program. Students are able to see connections between the literature they read and the history and cultures they study.

They also learn to read and write with greater complexity and to communicate these new understandings by writing for a variety of purposes and audiences. Humanities teachers help students see larger concepts with the use of essential questions and enduring understandings that accompany each unit and link each of the disciplines of the humanities program. It is the desire of our teachers to help students connect past learning to future situations and to be able to express themselves in effective and meaningful ways.