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Dear MMBDA School Community, 
I wanted to share with you the outcomes of our most recent Qualitative Site Review (QSR). The QSR is conducted every five years.  This QSR is our 4th, which coincides with our 20th year of operation.  The QSR is intended to provide a snapshot of overall quality, not to evaluate individual teachers. DC PCSB conducts unannounced school visits and selects a random sample of classrooms. DC PCSB does not typically observe electives but will observe an elective class if it is critical to the school's mission.  The QSR team produces a final report containing a qualitative assessment for each campus within the charter Local Education Agency (LEA). 

QSRs are comprised of the following components:

  • Unannounced observations of 75.0% of core-content classrooms;
  • A review of student English language arts (ELA) and math and work samples; and
  • Scheduled debrief with the school leadership team and DC PCSB staff.
We are pleased to share our teacher performance at both the Brookland and 16th St. campuses. 
Thank you, 
Linda McKay, EdD
Founder and Executive Director