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Mr. Sotomayor- 7th/8th Grade Math

03/29/21 - Monday 8th Grade: Intro to Scientific Notation 
                               7th Grade: Intro to Working with Equations and Inequalities
03/30/21 - Tuesday 8th Grade: Adding and Subtracting Scientific Notation
                                7th Grade: Solving Equations and Graphing Inequalities
03/31/21 -  Wednesday 8th Grade and 7th Grade - SCIENCE 
04/01/21 - Thursday 8th Grade - Multiplying and Dividing Scientific Notation
                                  7th Grade - Solving Two-Step Equations and Graphing Inequalities
04/02/21 - Weekly Assessment - EDULASTIC (All Grades)                     
                                                  - 8th Grade - Exponents and Scientific Notation 
                                                  - 7th Grade - Equations and Inequalities
 FUN Fridays!!! -  Asynchronous Learning Day -IXL, IREADY, QUIZIZZ, and other assignments(All Grades)
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Mary McLeod Bethune Day Academy Public Charter School

 Mathematics Syllabus- Grades 7th and 8th 

2020 - 2021 School Year 

Mr. Luis  Sotomayor



To increase Mathematical ability, comprehension, computation and acuity through the use of the various curriculum and technological tools in order to master Grade Level objectives and achieve Mastery towards their designated Grade Level Assessments. 


This school year, 7th grade scholars will be taking a Pre - Algebra course while  8th grade scholars will be taking an Introductory ALGEBRA course. This is building upon the 7th Grade Pre-Algebra course scholars completed the previous year. We will still be using the EngageNY curriculum as the primary teaching source to drive instruction for the year. 

Units of Study *

8th Grade

Module 1 - Linear Equations  

Module 2 - Linear Functions  

Module 3 - The Concept of Congruence and Similarity   

Module 4 - Integer Exponents and Scientific Notation   

Module 5 - Properties of Triangles, Volume, Parallel and Perpendicular Lines   

Module 6 - An Introduction to Irrational Numbers Using Geometry and Statistics  

7th Grade

Module 1 -  Ratios and Proportional Relationships

Module 2 - Rational Numbers

Module 3 - Expressions and Equations

Module 4 - Percent and Proportional Relationships

Module 5 - Statistics and Probability

Module 6 - Geometry

*Please note- Units may be subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances. TBD.

Tools & Materials - 

We will use GOOGLE Classrooms, Clever, Edulastic, IXL, Khan Academy, PearDeck, NearPod, and other supplemental links/websites which we will introduce as we proceed through the school year will use include, but are not limited to the following: FLOCABULARY, Prodigy, Math Design Coalition, and many other sources to supplement learning as needed with MMBDA approval of course.


The MMBDA grading policy is a follows-

A 90 and Above

B 80 to 89

C 65 to 79

F 64 and Below

Per MMBDA grading policy, on the report card, only a letter grade will be shown, no numerical grades are given. 

The breakdown of how grades are calculated are done by categorical percentages. They are as follows: 40% - Assessments, Exam, Projects, Tests; 30% - Quizzes; 20% - Classwork (this includes attendance, participation, preparedness, task completion and scores, and BEHAVIOR); and finally, 10% - Homework.

Interventions, Office Hours, Tutoring/Assistance, and Contacting Me

Throughout the school year, I will provide help to any and all students who seek it. While we are distance learning, I am available Monday to Thursday during the 1:45pm – 2:55pm time slot, which is slated to be our INTERVENTION time and my office hours. My contact info is listed on the first page in the heading at the top of the page

Online Classroom Expectations - 

Students are expected to arrive on time for class, VIA ZOOM, have all materials, and be ready to learn. Classes will consist of varied lessons and activities, providing students the opportunity to work independently, in pairs, and in groups.

Classroom Expectations:

-         Respect self, classmates, and teacher.

-         Participation.

-         Be in your seat and working when class begins.

-         Bring all necessary supplies to class.

-         Do your best.

-         Speak in respectful voices.

-         Discuss with your group only and work on a given assignment.

-         Participate and cooperate.

-         Ask for Help

Online Assignments and Projects

 Homework will be given and you will be given a time and date in which to submit it via Google Classroom and other virtual platforms. Projects will be assigned throughout the year, but will be broken into parts with a timeline and due date.

Make Up and Late Work

Typically, a student is given one day to make up work for each day absent. However, circumstances leading to other necessary deadlines will be worked out with the teacher on an as needed basis.  Students will be allowed to make up quizzes and tests. You will be issued another time and date to turn in late assignments and retake certain quizzes and tests.  Late assignments, not due to absences will not receive full credit. Students with EXCUSED absences from parents or guardians will have one week from the original due date (7 days) to turn in missing assignments. If a student is absent from class, it is the student’s responsibility to contact me to see what needs to be made up. Students will then be issued a new date and time in which to submit the missing assignment based on the agreement with the teacher. Students with SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES will be looked at on an individual basis. Students with UNEXCUSED ABSENCES and/or LATE WORK can only earn up to 80% for THREE days after the due date. On the fourth date, the assignment will be graded as a “65”. This is for homework and classwork assignments, not tests and quizzes and projects. This is to prevent students from turning in multiple LATE assignments at once, except during extenuating circumstances. Students are invited to meet with me during Intervention time in order to make up work, re-take tests, and/or get extra

Thank you for taking the time to read what we will be doing in our classes this year. I look forward to a wonderful chance to help our scholars grow and to see them become the future of this world. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

THANK YOU.  Mr. Luis  Sotomayor 
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Mr. Luis Sotomayor
7th/8th Grade Math Teacher
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