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Parents » Kids Ride Free 2021 - 2022 School Year!

Kids Ride Free 2021 - 2022 School Year!


Mayor Muriel Bowser established and championed the Kids Ride Free transit subsidy program to ensure that enrolled District students who are also District residents can get to school and school-related activities for free.

The Kids Ride Free (KRF) program allows students to ride for free on Metrobus, Metrorail, and the DC Circulator while travelling within the District.

To be eligible for participation in the KRF program, each student must be:

  • A resident of the District of Columbia, and
  • Age 5 through 21, and
  • Enrolled in an elementary or secondary public, charter, private or parochial school located within the District, or youth in the care of the District.

2021 - 2022 School Year

The Kids Ride Free (KRF) program continues to grow! In School Year 2020-2021, DC students can request a new SmarTrip Card for traveling on public transit systems within the District. A supply of the new cards will be sent directly to all DC public and charter schools for distribution to eligible students. Students can collect their new School Year 2021-2022 KRF SmarTrip cards from their school ID administrators like they did during the last school year.

School Year 2021-2022 Kids Ride Free SmarTrip cards will remain valid through September 30, 2021.

Remember: No Card, No Free Ride

Students riding Metrobus, Metrorail, or DC Circulator should always have their Kids Ride Free SmarTrip card with them or be prepared to pay the regular fare for their trip.

For more information, please review the Kids Ride Free Frequently Asked Questions. If you have additional questions about the KRF program, please contact your school’s card administrator or the District Department of Transportation’s School Transit Subsidy Office at (202) 673-1740.