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Mrs. Crystal Chitty » Mrs. Chitty- 6th/7th/8th Grade ELA Teacher

Mrs. Chitty- 6th/7th/8th Grade ELA Teacher

Dear Parents/Guardians and Scholars:


First, let me start off by saying, Welcome Back!! Hopefully, you took some time to connect with family and friends over the summer and enjoy some relaxation before heading back to school.


My name is Mrs. Chitty, and I am excited to be working with our scholars for the 2022-2023 School Year. As a member of the MMBDA family since January of this year, I have 16.5 years of ELA teaching experience.


Pushing for the goal of making growth in literacy achievement, I am eager to prepare our students for the next level. With our course’s standard-aligned and data-driven instruction, students are encouraged to contribute positively to daily lessons by answering and asking higher order thinking questions and pulling from the text to support their responses. The class will embrace project-based learning and vocabulary instruction will take place daily to maintain the focus on academic success. 


Once again, I am delighted to be working with our scholars this year. I thank you for your support. As always, I am open to your feedback. Your involvement and continued dedication are critical to the success of our scholars. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me via email at [email protected] .


Best regards,

Mrs. Chitty