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Mrs. Larissa Moriconi Prk 4 B Spanish

Welcome back to school and welcome to page! Parents and students can find information about assignments that are being posted in ClassDojo here during the virtual learning program beginning August 31.
I can be reached by email clicking on the button on the left. You can also click "Subscribe" to receive notifications when I update this page.


Class Expectations for Blended Learning


Please, join me in our Zoom Meetings and Class Time to support our students academically, emotionally and socially. You will receive an invitation through Dojo Messages. If you feel your scholar would benefit from a one-to-one zoom call, please contact me to ensure your child continues to thrive during our Distant Learning Time.

You can schedule an Individual Conference in the available slots.


An activity package will be uploaded here with the Calendar every Friday. Once completed, you should use the student profile to upload your child photos or videos to Dojo. This is the only way to keep track of the student's work. It also allows us to generate a weekly report of your scholar's progress

Google Voice: (904) 414-6519