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Sandra Randall PK4 Assistant Teacher English

Welcome to my page! Parents and students can find information about assignments that are being posted in ClassDojo here during our virtual learning program beginning August 31, 2020.
I can be reached by email clicking on the "Send email" button on the left. You can also click "Subscribe" to receive notifications of when I update this page.  If you need to reach me by phone please call 301-541-3281.
Early Childhood Overview

Greetings Parents,

We are so excited that you have joined the Mary McLeod Bethune Day Academy PCS Family. We are happy to have you and your child with us this summer and look forward to growing and learning with your scholar. Please take time to review the following information.


Assistant English Teacher:

Ms. Sandra Randall (






We have an open communication policy!! We have provided both phone numbers and e-mail addresses for parents to use whenever they feel necessary. It truly takes a village and we want to be available. 


Class Dojo

We will utilize Class Dojo to post assignments, Weeks at a Glance,  and communicate with our parents! Parents and scholars will also utilize Class Dojo to post assignments, photos, and videos to portfolios. 



We will be meeting live Monday through Friday at 9:00am via Zoomn and the like will be posted in Class Dojo. utilize Zoom for most of our Group meetings. A link will be sent out 10 minutes before meetings are scheduled to begin.



Our Edlio pages can be located on the school’s website: by going to contact and selecting the staff directory. Our Edlio pages will also hold our Weeks at a Glance and other updates.



Classroom Summary

Our goal is to create meaningful and purposeful experiences.  We have incorporated daily inquiries and getting the children involved.  The children will be drawing the daily weather, helping with the dates and days on the calendar, and playing an active role in the classroom through their duty on the job chart.  


Our lessons will align with the 38 Teaching Strategies objectives. Lessons will keep in mind the social-emotional, physical, language, cognitive, literacy, mathematics, science and technology, social studies, arts and language acquisition development of the child. Our lessons will change and grow as the children themselves become young scholars.  



-Creative Curriculum (Beginning the Year, Buildings, Balls, Clothes, Recycling, Music, Bread, Pets, Exercise, and Transportation)

-International Baccalaureate

-Teaching Strategies Goal (38 developmental objectives. Scholars are formally assessed in October, January, and April)




  The purpose of the IB unit is to challenge our scholars to think for themselves and take responsibility for their learning as they explore local and global issues and opportunities in real-life contexts. 

Each IB unit will have a different Transdisciplinary Theme, central idea, key concepts, lines of inquiry, and summative assessments to help guide our scholars through lessons and assess their mastery. Our scholars will explore the  different IB attitudes each month and at the end of the month we will select a scholar who embodied the IB attitude. 


Our First unit of study is Who We Are.


  • Who We Are is an inquiry into nature of self, beliefs and values, personal, mental, social, and spiritual health, human relationships including families, friends, communities and cultures, rights and responsibilities, what it means to be human.


  •  We will explore the characteristics of  our identity, our family, our role in our communities, and how our friends and family shape who we are. 


  • At the end of our unit we will have a summative assessment, which is a culmination of learning for the unit.




-Daily informal observations. 

-Teaching Strategies Gold (Formal assessments completed in November, February, and May)

-Bi-weekly assessments on individual knowledge such as letter and shape recognition

-End of Year portfolio of children’s work 




Our homework will coincide with what we’re learning in addition to Montessori based activities. We will inform you of our sight and Dolch words. We ask that you read to your child. We will send home homework packets that have math, literacy, and handwriting activities. 




Audiovisual tools play an important part in our daily instruction. They are used to

clarify some concepts and help make them more concrete to our young scholars.


We use informative multimedia from YouTube, PBS Kids and other children’s

cartoons to support our lessons on phonics, numbers, and other units of study.


Our interactive lessons on Nearpod will allow scholars to actively participate in lessons and aide teachers in identifying their scholars’ understanding of the lessons. 




Although We do not have the opportunity to enjoy traditional field trips we would love to invite our scholars to enjoy and explore virtual field trips. We will host virtual field trips and experiences.








Please create a learning spot for your scholar at home and assist them with the log in process. I also have prepared packets for their letters A-Z and numbers 1-20. I would like for the scholars to work on a letter and number a week. I have also included a composition notebook for the scholars to start writing their name in, These are things they can do at home and I need you to please upload into ClassDojo. It helps me see where the students are and what they need help with.